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CC-MAIN-2014-10 - Urls
26 250 788
Unique PDF Urls
16 857 835
Number of downloaded files
23 143
Size in gigabytes

1. The results

  • The total size of analyzed files is 16 857 835
  • The total size of downloaded PDF files is 23 143 gigabytes

The following reports were created in the form of charts::

  • Number of generated PDF files according to producer's software
  • Number of generated PDF files by creator (generating program)
  • The number of PDF documents based on specification version
  • The number of PDF documents with a breakdown of the number of pages

The graphs present information for producer/creator where the number of files is above 50,000.

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2. Conclusion

Looking at the numbers it is easy to see the loss of nearly 10 million files, which contain the:

  • 404 errors(Not found), 500(Server error) etc.
  • multiple urls to the same PDF file